Image of Seve Beyer, head of group

Steve Beyer

Head of Meaningful Lives Sub group


This sub-group of the LDIAG involves professionals, people with learning disabilities, researchers and family members. It was set up to write guidance for local authorities on some key services and how they should follow good practice.

Like all the sub-groups, we cover a huge area of topics, all relating to people's general lives. We have talked with a lot of experts on how to deliver good day opportunities, good supported living and good employment support.

We have written good practice guidance on day opportunities. We have recently finished guidance on all the options that should be available to help people with learning disabilities to live alone or with others. We are working on how best to support people in paid employment.

The group works well together and has long debates about what works and what services should do. The Meaningful Lives Group benefits a lot from the personal experiences of the self-advocates on the group and tries hard to give friendships, relationships, family and community connections an important place in our guidance.